Hire a 4×4 Rooftop Tent Car in Uganda for Self Drive Camping Holidays & Epic Road Trip Adventures

Do you desire to see Uganda on your own? Nothing is more appealing than going by a 4×4 Rooftop tent car. A roof tent vehicle includes a car provided with a foldable tent installed at its top. It makes it easier for you to move to any interesting place you crave for with your mobile accommodation. There’s no need to reserve self-contained rooms for your night stays.

Besides the car and tent, the package comes with all camping gear. The list includes sleeping bags, chairs, a table, kitchenware, cutlery, cooking gas, camping lights, a cooler box, a Jerry can, and more.

Get our rooftop tent car for Self-drive holiday in Uganda or take it with a driver and be free from driving. We install these structures on specific jeeps such as a 4×4 Land cruiser TX/TZ, V8, GX, VX, and Nissan patrol. We deliver it with a single or double rooftop tents basing on the number of people.

All tourist places in Uganda have campsites that are specifically reserved for those who love to go camping in Uganda. These spots are National parks, Sanctuaries, and game reserves. If your road trip is getting closer, don’t hesitate to reserve a 4×4 tent car with us. Moreover, you have to go by the car rental Uganda terms and conditions. Be sure to read them and understand before you sign on the hard copy.

The cost of a Uganda rooftop tent car rental depends on the number of tents and type of the jeep. Escape from home and delve into what the pearl of Africa has to offer. Those who have got the chance to traverse this nation are left wondering. The experience is unrivalled.

Rental options

On your road trip in Uganda you can choose to hire a car only, roof tent vehicle with camping gear or rent it with a driver to take you around the pearl of Africa. Each car hire package has its own charge per day. Expect to receive discounted offers on long term rentals.

Our long term rental starts from two weeks and beyond. Be sure to reserve in advance especially in the peak season of travel. Uganda usually experiences a huge number of travelers in the month of February, March, July, August, September, and December. Within those months there’s high demand for cars. Last minute booking is a total mess. You may fail to get one or get something that is not worth it.

  • Rent a Car only
  • Car with Rooftop tent + Camping gear
  • Roof tent Car with a Driver

4×4 Car for Hire with a Rooftop Tent

We mainly provide SUVs for rent with a rooftop tent. The list includes the Land cruiser TX or TZ, V8, VX and GX. They all have four wheel drive, highly raised from the ground, and automatic transmission system. Manual jeeps are also available but few.

Small vehicles like Toyota Rav 4 are in store but can’t carry the roof tent. Get one of our jeeps and traverse Uganda. You visit multiple appealing spots such as Bwindi, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo valley, and more. Cities like Fort portal, and Jinja. Choose one of the Uganda self drive routes and explore the untouched natural wonders of this nation.

Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ

For a cheap rooftop tent car hire in Uganda, the Land cruiser Prado (TZ/TX) fits best. It’s not only spacious but as well strong and ready to reach any place in the country. It has an automatic transmission system and consumes petrol. Its rate per day is 80 USD.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8

Do you prefer to go luxurious on your road trip in East Africa? a 4×4 Land cruiser V8 is the number one answer. It impresses with it’s pretty interior designs and facilities. The car has a bigger engine than the Prado. At 95 USD per day, you enjoy this vehicle with one rooftop tent and camping gear.

Land Cruiser GX/VX

Other than the V8, you can choose to take the Land cruiser GX/VX. The jeep has a four wheel drive and it’s highly raised from the ground. This vehicle has a manual transmission system and consumes diesel. At 90 USD per day, it comes with one roof-tent and camping gear.

Where to find you after booking

Once you confirm the car with us, we deliver it either at the Entebbe international Airport or a certain hotel in Entebbe and Kampala at no extra charge. For a meet up at the Airport, be sure to share with us your arrival details such as the airline name and landing time. Our representative will be right there to welcome you. If you need to start the drive immediately, then choose to rent a car at Entebbe Airport.

If you like to find you at the hotel, then you share the hotel name, it’s correct address and time you prefer to receive the vehicle. For those who fancy car delivery in the upcountry in cities like Gulu, Fort portal, Kisoro, Kabale, Jinja, Mbale, Mbarara, Lyantonde and more, it is very possible but at an extra charge to meet costs for fuel, driver commission and the bus ticket.